Guide Philosophy

"It's all about the ride.  The location and views are first and foremost in my rides, however the fun and thrill of the ride itself is not to be forgotten and plays a big role in the rides I plan and guide.  I want you to feel challanged and finish each ride feeling like you have achieved something, be it on a visual or physical level.


For groups, I find it very important to keep the group together as it makes it easier for everyone to get through the ride. Otherwise you have the strong riders riding fast, then stopping, and the slower riders struggling twice as much because they are riding into the wind all alone half of the day. There's also a lot more camaraderie when everyone is together, chatting and joking."

Work and Education

Simeon has had a varied eduction.  "Sim" went to primary school in France and Greece before completing secondary school in the UK.  Sim then returned to France where he got a degree in Litterature and Languages from the Université Champollion.


Following his degree Sim worked part time as a freelance journalist.  His younger years were spent working in bike shops in France, the UK and the USA both as a manager and mechanic as he is Shimano certified.  Sim has also been working part time as a guide since his early 20s, but has spent the majority of his professional career as a bike racer.



Cycling Background
Pro cycling

"Sim" Green has been riding for decades. He started racing Mountain bikes but focused the majority of his career on road racing while dabbling in CycloCross and trials on the way. His cycling career has enabled him to ride in a variety of countries, including some unexpected ones.


Sim has spent the majority of his career racing the UCI Continental Tour, with an emphasis on the Europe and Africa Tour.  Although he has placed well in regional and National championships as well as having been at the forefront of some smaller stage races, Sim's strongest attributes have been in the support of others in long distance pro stage races and National Tours.

Off the Bike

"Cycling has enabled me to travel, and that is one of my biggest passions aside from cycling.  I love to observe things, lifestyles, places and people.  I'm a fairly active person and enjoy a bit of running in adition to the expected cycling, mountain biking etc.  In my late teens I was also a climbing instructor."



“We look forward to meeting you and helping you define your goals and develop solutions! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Simeon Green, Tour Guide

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